X has made the most amazing progress with the treatment Mr Murty provided at his last visit. His nasal symptoms seem to have totally disappeared. Many thanks for all you have done. C.R.

Thank you for everything Mr Murty and team have provided. I have had the best possible care. You have been amazing but with the best will in the world I hope not to be in touch again! W.D.

I found Mr Murty to be very nice and helpful with lovely staff and no waiting time. All of my experience was 100%". "I am doing great and recovering far better than I expected. I can already see that the procedure has made a huge improvement. I am incredibly grateful for what Mr Murty has done. S.P.

We would like to say a massive thank you to Dr Murty for X surgery. We have already noticed great changes in his speech and communication. This really will make such a difference to him and all of us. J.C.

Your kindness in the way you treated me when I had the condition was really appreciated. Many thanks indeed. S.H.

Thank you. I would like to say a huge thanks to Mr Murty and his team for a wonderful service and for the great care. This has made a big difference. L.S.

I would like to say a big thank you to Mr Murty for his qualitative service, and an incredible short amount of time in providing me the results, it really helped me a lot with saving time and I really appreciate that. I also want to thank his office for such an incredibly quick response to my appointment even though I called at closure time. I have been secured with an appointment and provided with all of the information that I needed for my consultation. I will definitely recommend your clinic to anyone that will need help as I have been very positively impressed by the quality and the amount of time in which you have helped me. C.M.

It is impossible for me to forget how much you have helped my life. Every day when I keep fit and night when I have a good night's sleep, I can fill my lungs with air, I am so grateful for my nose operation. What a good job you have done. I don't think I would have survived especially if I had this new virus. G.B.

I am writing to express my sincerest thanks for the warmth of care I have received during the last few weeks. I took huge comfort from the very human approach I have experienced during the consultation themselves and also the administrative support you offered. Added to the sense of competence and professionalism and I felt confident that I was in very safe hands. I would recommend Mr Murty with no hesitations R.H.

Please pass on our thanks to Mr Murty, he has restored our faith! S.K.

Thank you so much for your transformation surgery. I had nasal polyps and blocked sinuses for over 7 years. Your surgery has finally allowed me to breathe effectively again, eliminated my sinus headaches and restored my sense of smell.

Many thanks for all your help, you did a fantastic job.

Mr Murty is wonderful. I was very frightened of the unknown, but he immediately allayed my fears I had. He was very thorough, taking time to explain everything. the consummate professional. I can certainly recommend him. Mrs M.I.A

I've suffered with my ears since childhood and thanks to Mr Murty, I now know why! My ears are very tiny inside. He always knows exactly what I need and delivers it in a very kind, caring way. Mrs Jo

Mt Murty is incredibly warm and friendly. He put my mind at ease prior to my procedure and was very attentive during my recovery. I've never experienced such fantastic treatment from a doctor. I would highly recommend him. Dr K. Patel

Thank you for all you did, all your help and your warmth and wit when doing it. All hugely appreciated. I think you may just have saved my broadcasting career!

His surgical skills are exemplary as demonstrated by the post operative patient experience.

Many thanks for your work, my quality of life since day one has improved 100%!.

I have unreservedly recommended Mr Murty to other friends and relations from further a field, and they have also without exception been delighted with their care and treatment. Dr NS

He is held in the highest regard by his fellow Doctors. This can best be illustrated by the fact that members of the medical profession will ask to have themselves or members of their own families be referred to him. Dr MH

The treatment our daughter received was exceptional and our memories of what could have been a very traumatic experience for a thirteen year old with anxieties was a surprisingly good one. Dr SJ

After Mr Murty performed Septorhinoplasty operation, my daughter is delighted with the outcome of the operation and is now no longer self conscious about her appearance and has also gained back the self confidence she lost prior to the operation. GH

The care I received from Mr Murty both before, during and after my operation was second to none. He has a very kind and caring manner and was always very professional. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Mr Murty to my family and friends. SP

I have no hesitation in expressing my greatest appreciation and admiration for Mr Murty's clinical abilities and interpersonal skills. I have no doubt that without his clinical expertise I would have died several years ago. PB

My daughter was treated by many consultants, so I have a breadth of experience in dealing with a variety of medical professionals. Mr Murty's care of my daughter was by far the best of any she has received then or since. He talked to her, calmed her and gained her trust. He engaged with me as a parent, and her as his patient, she did not even mind going in for surgery if I said Mr Murty was involved as "he is kind he will make me better". BM

Many thanks for the life changing surgery performed by you. The snoring had become disruptive in our household, so much so that sleeping became impossible for my wife to the extent that she would sleep in another bedroom. Being keen caravanners, the holidays we enjoyed also became impossible. After surgery, the snoring stopped 100% and normal life resumed. NC

I can think of no bigger accolade than to say – "I know a man, who, should my 3 year old beloved grandson have need of ministrations I would happily bring him to see you". JP

I am so pleased that somebody took me seriously and helped me to breath better after many years of thinking this is just the way I am. SB

The success of the operation has made an enormous success to my life over the last 6 months. It has certainly made me appreciate my sense of smell more. YC

I would like to thank you for kindness in helping to resolve my throat problem so that I may sing again. My life has been "music". It was truly wonderful. TB

I would just like to thank you for your treatment on my throat. On Thursday I could not believe what happened – I had a smooth voice with no spasm. Today I am the same- people can understand me! MD

Thank you very much for agreeing to do my operation and making my ears look fantastic and normal. This has already made a huge difference to me - I now feel confident and can wear my hair up without people making fun. IB

Many thanks for conducting the successful ear operation on our son. Since it's completion he has been a different person. He is now developing at an alarming rate bringing us much happiness and disturbance free nights. EG

Text taken from patient satisfaction questionnaire from The Nuffield Hospital Leicester.
Q What did you like most?
A The toy ring and Mr Murty
Q What was the worst thing
A Nothing
Q What could have made your stay better?
A More of Mr Murty!

One year ago I was suffering from horrific throat pain which often caused me to loose my voice. It progressed to a stage so bad that I was actually considering stopping my career as a university lecturer. Today, not only can I successfully deliver lecturers to my students, but even perform such activities like singing songs of praise at church, things I never dreamt possible. VR

Thumbs up to you! You're really swell and you deserve applause as well! LY