Conditions and treatment

My approach to ENT problems

As a surgeon dealing with a very delicate part of the body, I am very aware that surgery is not always the best solution to an ENT problem.

Most conditions do not require surgery and often a better outcome will be achieved with conservative (non-operative) treatment. I work with an excellent team including audiologists, a speech and language therapist, a tinnitus therapist, an allergy nurse, a balance rehabilitation physiotherapist and a hearing aid dispenser.

I liaise closely with specialists in radiology, gastroenterology, neurology, respiratory medicine and dermatology in more complex cases to accurately diagnose the underlying pathology. In most conditions there is more than one treatment option, and my practice is to discuss these fully with you to enable you to make an informed choice which best suits your circumstances.

Where surgery is necessary, I will choose the safest and most reliable surgical technique and perform the least invasive operation that is appropriate. My patients make speedy recovery from surgery as it is kept to a minimum, and it is now common with the latest techniques for patients to go home on the day of surgery.