Although an anatomically distorted nose can affect any age, it is inadvisable to operate before the age of 16 years because of the risk of interfering with the development of the mid-face.

Anatomical deformities can occur congenitally or as a result of trauma.


Displeasing external cosmetic appearance or nasal blockage.

Rhinoplasty Symptoms

A full external and internal examination including fibreoptic endoscopy is required to properly assess the structural integrity of the nose.

Rhinoplasty Diagnosis

Operative treatment:
Surgery can be performed internally or via an “open approach” which involves a small incision in the skin partition of the nose inferiorly. The nasal contour is commonly improved without grafts but in complex cases gristle from the ear and very rarely rib cartilage can be used to produce the required cosmetic result.

Rhinoplasty Treatment