Itchy discharging ear

Also known as SWIMMER’S EAR, any age can be affected. Those with narrow ear canals, those who self cleanse their ears with cotton buds, and patients with eczema are particularly at risk.

Itchy discharging ear

The normal self cleansing mechanism of the ear canal is damaged by infection or inflammation leading to a build up of dead skin within the ear canal.

These include Itchiness, ear discharge and deafness.

Itchy discharging ear Symptoms

Examination of the ear canal reveals a build-up of debris and swelling of the walls of the ear canal.

Non-operative treatment:
Debris must first be removed using specialist suction apparatus under microscopic guidance. The swollen ear canal lining is then treated with the appropriate medication cream or drops usually over a two week period.

Operative treatment:
Occasionally, especially if the condition recurs, surgery to widen the ear canal is required.